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A Note to English Speaking Clients on my Professional Background

In 1995 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, a postgraduate university accredited by the APA (American Psychological Association), which has a special emphasis on multicultural and ethical subjects.

From 1994 to 1995 I have been a counsellor in training at the Southern California Counselling Center, which provides counselling services in the greater Los Angeles community. The SCCC was called “the most innovative mental health agency in the nation” by the National Association for Mental Health.

In 1995 my family and I moved back to Frankfurt, Germany, where I accepted the position as a counsellor at one of the major rehabilitation clinics in the Rhein-Main-Region (Salus-Klinik). The aim of German “Rehabilitation”- concepts, sponsored by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (similar to “Social Security” systems) is to reintegrate a psychosomatically ill client as fast as possible to his/her working space. The content of the therapy of our clinic is based on the so called bio-psycho-social model, which means, the centre of attention besides to the diagnosis of the medical health is the psychological (behavioural, thinking and feeling) status and the client’s social setting (family, work, etc.). Since 1997 I am working there as a solution focussed therapist in a team for short term (6-8 weeks) clients.

At the Salus-Klinik I was responsible for the group of so called “persons in high security jobs”, inter alia pilots, pursers, steward/esses of airlines, railway conductors, policemen, as well as bankers, and employees of major local corporations.

In March 2007 I opened my own private practise for therapy and work since July 2008 additionally as a personell coach for a major German private bank headquartered in Frankfurt/M. Further professional activities include supervision courses, prevention seminars, management programs as well as universitarial courses.

Talking about the content of my work I have experience as a counsellor in the following specializations: non-smoking groups, alcohol prevention programs, assertiveness trainings, depression-, trauma-, and panic-disorders, as well as relaxation-techniques (Jacobson) and the treatment of burn-out syndrome, mobbing, and stress related psychosomatic problems (headaches, pain, etc.). This experience enables me to offer target focussed programs and individual therapies in private practise.

Due to my professional education in the USA and my language skills, I was the main contact person for English speaking clients in the clinic. For the “Deutsche Rentenversicherung” I am officially registered as one of the few “English speaking counsellors” in the German Reha-system.

In 2005 I started together with my husband my own coaching business (KarriereGPS). As part of this I have been continually participating in career related workshops in Germany as well as the US. I am also part of a career development network at the University of Bochum, lead by Prof. Wottawa, one of the leading assessment test developers in Germany and I am licensed by the OPP, London, in order to use the Myers-Briggs-Type Indicator (MBTI).

I have been married for over 20 years (and we have two wonderful adult daughters, 19 + 21), lived in the USA for altogether 10 years, know how it is and feels to be an “expatriate”. I also know how it is to live in a foreign country and to be “different by culture”. In the meantime I am well integrated into the German healthcare, counselling and coaching system as outlined above and will hopefully be able to offer you coaching or therapy on highest standards.

Please feel free to contact me under or by phone
+49 (+0) 69/954 09 008
(Fax: +49 (+0) 69/954 09 007).
I am happy to talk to you and to make an appointment.